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Our story

The story of how we ended up here in Herefordshire is a bit of a  cliché… but there we were, living in London back in 2012, planning a family and plotting a classic escape to the country.

We started looking for our new countryside home and business  in 2013, spending week days scouring the property pages and weekends on epic road trips to view as many properties as we could cram in.

Our search took us to all around the South West and, quite frankly, we couldn’t tell you how many places we viewed. None seemed right though.

A year passed, but we were still keenly looking. Then one day, somewhere in Herefordshire popped up on our radar. Neither of us had ever been to Herefordshire and at least one of us would have struggled to find it on the map… nevertheless, we took a chance and viewed White House Cottages that very weekend.

From the moment we arrived it felt like home. Ledbury, the countryside, the place we visited for lunch… it all just felt right. Herefordshire, we soon discovered, has year-round appeal for visitors, not just the summer months like so many places in the South West we’d visited. We were sold!

We moved here in August 2014 with our first guests arriving before we had even had a chance to unpack. Thankfully, many were old hands and helped show us the ropes!

It seems like every week we discover more and more things to love about this amazing county of Herefordshire. New walks, mountain bike trails, fabulous local food producers, hidden gem pubs and restaurants and so much more. It may have been a gamble to move somewhere you’d never visited before, but it paid off.

We hope to see you here soon!